401(K) Savings Plan

NECO has established a 401(k) savings plan to provide associates the potential for future financial security for retirement. The savings plan allows associates to elect a percentage of their salary they would like to contribute and direct the investment of your plan account, so you can tailor your own retirement package to meet your individual needs. NECO will match the associate’s contributions up to 3% of the associate’s gross income into the plan per pay period.

The associate’s contribution to the savings plan is automatically deducted from your pay before Federal and State Tax withholdings are calculated;

you save tax dollars now by having your current taxable income reduced.


Flexible Spending Accounts

This account allows associated to put away an amount of money before Federal and State Tax withholdings are calculated, to be used on medical, dental, and child care expenses.


Paid Time Off Each Year

All full-time associates are given PTO days after completing their probationary period and review.


Recognized Holidays

NECO recognizes the following holidays:

– New Year’s Day
– Easter
– Memorial Day
– Independence Day
– Labor Day
– National Indian Day
– Thanksgiving Day
– Christmas Day
– Birthday


Shared-Cost Health Insurance

All full-time employees are entitled to sign up for Medical Insurance provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield after completing their ninety (90) day probationary period.


Life Insurance

All full-time Associates will receive Voluntary Life Insurance with a guaranteed policy of $50,000 after completing their probationary period.

The premiums are 100% covered by NECO.

Dental and Vision

All full-time associates will receive Dental and Vision Plans after completing their probationary period and review.

Accidental Death

All full-time employees after their 90-day probationary period will receive 100% Employee Coverage only on Accidental Death. The premiums are 100% covered by NECO.



Full-time associates are entitled to sign up for AFLAC programs after completing their probationary period and review.


Long-Term Disability

All NECO full-time associates become eligible for Long Term Disability on their one (1) year anniversary.


Short-Term Disability

Educational Assistance Program

NECO realizes the importance of higher education and supports associates obtaining their education. NECO will contribute up to $200/year per associate, who have been employed for over one (1) year, to pay for tuition and books.


Quarterly Safety Bonus

Safety is a number one priority with NTL. Each driver will be awarded $250.00 per Quarter, provided the driver has no preventable accidents, spills, mixed fuels, unauthorized missed days from work etc, for that quarter.


Associate of the Quarter

NECO has established the Associate of the Quarter award to identify and formally recognize associates to demonstrate exceptional performance and exemplify our Mission & Core Values. A monetary award is included with a certificate. All Associate of the Quarter nominees and recipients are included in the yearly awards that are presented at our yearly Christmas party.